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Andrea L. Press

Research Associate Professor of Communications, Associate Professor of Speech Communication Primary areas of interest: Feminist cultural studies; critical theory; sociology of media audiences; feminist theory and methodology; epistemological foundations of qualitative and feminist social science methodologies. Professor Press is interested in the intersection of feminist and other critical theoretical traditions, particularly as each bear on the investigation of media influence in contemporary cultural life.

She teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses which draw on these traditions and investigate questions about the interweaving of the mass media with modern cultural traditions. In particular, she is interested in the philosophical foundations of contemporary cultural studies, the intellectual and epistemological foundations of qualitative methodologies in the social sciences, and the emerging tradition of feminist cultural studies.

Her own work has focused on the qualitative study of female television audiences. Her first book, Women Watching Television (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991) was based on interviews with working-class and middle-class women of different generations about entertainment television they had watched. Her forthcoming book, Speaking of Abortion: Television Women's Talk and the Discourse of Authority (University of Chicago Press), co-authored with psychologist Elizabeth Cole, is based on focus-group interviews with pro-life and pro-choice women of different social classes about abortion and television. She has also written on issues related to the research process itself, in particular about trends in current feminist theory, the issue of "feminist" research methodology, and more generally about traditions in the sociological study of audiences. Ph.D., Sociology, University of California-Berkeley