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Robert Baird

Robert Baird is Visiting Assistant Professor and Multimedia Director for the English Department, UIUC.  He designs web pages to supplement traditional English and film courses, and designed the Ebertfest web site.   Before graduate school--Ph.D. UIUC, 1995--he worked in Hollywood postproduction.   He has published essays on  WWI aviation films, Hitchcock's Vertigo, and Jurassic Park and cognition.  His "‘Going Indian:’ In and Around Dances With Wolves" has been anthologized in four separate volumes and has been taught in English, film, and anthropology courses.  His fall '99 course Film and New Media, which explored film's relation to computers, video games, virtual reality, and the Internet, was one of the first of its kind at the UIUC.   He is currently finishing a book on film and cognition and planning a study treating the digital revolution's ongoing transformation of Hollywood production, style, and content.