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Ramona Curry
Ramona Curry teaches critical theory and history of film and other forms of popular culture in the Department of English, where she is Associate Professor. Along with her affiliation with the Center for Writing Studies (and with the Unit of Interpretive Theory and Criticism), she has honorary appointments to the Women's Studies Program and Unit for Cinema Studies.

In addition to her book Too Much of a Good Thing: Mae West as Cultural Icon (U of Minnesota P, 1996), Curry has published essays on female stars, feminist film and video production, German cinema and the history and cultural impact of media institutions, which have appeared in a range of U.S. and international journals and anthologies.

Curry is currently researching interrelations between early female film stars, popular nationalism, and the growth of German cinema during World War One. With a colleague, Prof. Alice Deck, she has recently developed a writing intensive undergraduate course "Minority Images in U.S. Film."