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David Desser
David Desser is Professor of Cinema Studies and Speech Communication, UIUC, and Acting Director of the Unit for Cinema Studies. He received his Ph.D. from USC in 1981. He is the author of The Samurai Films of Akira Kurosawa and Eros Plus Massacre: an Introduction to the Japanese New Wave Cinema. He is the co-author of American Jewish Film Makers: Traditions and Trends. He is the editor of Ozu's Tokyo Story, and the co-editor of Reframing Japanese Cinema: Authorship, Genre, History, Reflections in a Male Eye: John Juston and the American Experience, and Cinematic Landscapes: Observations on the Visual Arts and Cinema in China and Japan. He has two more anthologies in press, one on American cinema and consumer culture, the other on Hong Kong cinema, due out in Fall/Winter 2000.