Academic Panel Discussions
(free and open to the public)



Thursday, April 25, 2002

Panel 1
 9:00 10:30
 “The New Realities of Distributing Independent Films”
Moderator: Roger Ebert
Rachel Tenner (Producer, Kwik Stop)
Michael Gilio (Director, Kwik Stop)
Dan Cohen (Director, Diamond Men)
Robert Forster (Star, Producer, Diamond Men)
Paul Cox (Director, Producer Innocence)
Bernard Rose (Director, Paperhouse)
Paul Speaker (President, Madstone Films)
David Gordon Green (Director, George Washington)
Tahmineh Milani (Director, Two Women)

Panel 2
10:45 12:15
“Sex and Death vs. Love and Life: Women and Power in Hollywood”
Moderator: Andrea Press
Tahmineh Milani (Director, Two Women)
Marila Zare'i (Star, Two Women)
Terry Norris (Star, Innocence)
Mitra Sen (Director, Just A Little Red Dot)
Tyrene Manson (On The Ropes)
James Berardinilli (Web critic)
Michael Gilio (Director, Kwik Stop)
Pat Gill (U of I Professor)

Friday, April 26, 2002

Panel 3
 9:00 10:30
“Picture and Sound in Film”
Moderator: Geoffrey Poor
Tom Holman
Lorr Kramer
Dr. Richard Vetter
Paul Grabowsky (Composer, Innocence)
Brand Fortner
Fred Jaher (U of I History Professor)
Richard J. Leskosky (U of I Professor)
Steve Garfinkel (Kodak, Regional Account Manager, US East, Feature Films)

Panel 4
10:45 12:15
“Race and Gender Beyond Grand Canyon
Moderator: Christine Catanzarite
George Nierenberg (Director, Say Amen Somebody)
Curtis Cotton (Star, George Washington)
David Gordon Green (Director, George Washington
Angharad Valdivia (U of I Professor/ICR)
James Hay (U of I Professor)
Kaylie Jones
Drew McWeeney

Panel discussions will take place:
Illini Union
1401 W. Green
Urbana, IL
General Lounge
2nd Floor North
Thursday, April 25, 2002
Friday, April 26, 2002