Film Schedule
APRIL 20-24, 2005


Wednesday, April 20
7:30 pm Playtime

guest: film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum


Thursday, April 21

1:00 pm Murderball

guests: Star player Mark Zupan, famed coach Joe Soares, directors Dana Adam Shapiro and Henry Alex Rubin, and producer Jeff Mandel.

4:30 pm Saddest Music in the World
with short subject The Heart of the World

guest: Famed Canadian independent filmmaker Guy Maddin and IFC producer Jonathan Sehring.

9:00 pm After Dark, My Sweet

guest: Star Jason Patric.


Friday, April 22

1:00 pm Yesterday

guest: Director Darrell Roodt.

4:30pm The Phantom of the Opera

guests: Alloy Orchestra and film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum.

8:30pm Baadasssss!

guests: Director, star, and son of the film's subject, Mario Van Peebles.


Saturday, April 23

Noon The Secret of Roan Inish

guests: Legendary independent filmmaker and director John Sayles and producer Maggie Renzi.

3:00 pm Primer

guests: Writer, Director, Star: Shane Carruth.

6:30 pm Map of the Human Heart

guests: Director Vincent Ward and star Jason Scott Lee.

9:30 pm Me and You and Everyone We Know

guests: Director and Writer Miranda July and IFC producer Jonathan Sehring


Sunday, April 24

Noon Taal

guests: Director Subhash Ghai and Gerson da Cunha, film journalist and expert on Indian films.