ALI ARIKAN is the chief film critic of Dipnot TV, a Turkish news portal and iPad magazine, and one of Roger Ebert�s Far-Flung Correspondents. Ali is also a regular contributor to The House Next Door, Slant Magazine�s official blog. Occasionally, he updates his personal blog Cerebral Mastication. In addition, his writing appears on various film and pop-culture sites on the blogosphere. He also believes in the transformative potential of Twitter. Ali�s first encounter with the awesome power of cinema was when he saw Ray Harryhausen�s The Clash of the Titans at the now-defunct Ak�n Sinemas? in Kavakl?dere, Ankara. This led to an interest in both cinema and Greek Mythology, eventually paving the way for a lifelong immersion in the arts. His eclectic, and somewhat idiosyncratic, cinematic interests include the films of the �movie brats,� Alfred Hitchcock, Jewish comedy, film noir, biographies, and movies about contemporary British history (that don�t involve stammering monarchs). Originally from Ankara, Turkey, Ali has lived in Cologne, Germany; Durham and London, UK. He currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey.

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