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Onstage Guests

Sidewalk Stories (USA, 1989) 

CHARLES LANE, director, writer and star of "Sidewalk Stories".  Lane also directed "Hallelujah" (1993) and "True Identity" (1991) and has acted in numerous films, including "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes."

Grave of the Fireflies 

RICHARD LESKOSKY, Is the Assistant Director of the Unit for Cinema Studies and teaches courses on general film history and animation. He also writes film reviews for the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette and is past president of the Society for Animation Studies.  GREG DEAN SCHMITZ runs

American Movie and Coven 

CHRIS SMITH, director of "American Movie."  He also made the "mockumentary" "American Job."  Smith was also cinematographer on Michael Moore's "The Big One."

SARAH PRICE, producer of "American Movie."  Price also was the sound recordist on "American Movie" and "The Big One."

MARK BORCHARDT, director and star of "Coven."  He also stars in "American Movie."

MIKE SHANK, one of the stars of "Coven" and "American Movie."

Legacy (USA, 1999) 

TOD S. LENDING, director and producer of "Legacy," and head of Nomadic Pictures, a Chicago based production house and an Emmy Award winning writer/producer/director for the ABC Afterschool Special "Shades of a Single Protein."

NICKCOLE COLLINS, the young narrator of "Legacy," a documentary about her family.

The Terrorist (India, 1998)

MARK BURTON, executive producer of "The Terrorist."  He has produced several other films made in India, including "Paradesi" (1998) and "Judaai" (1997).

AYESHA DHARKER is the star of "The Terrorist".

The Castle  

ROB SITCH, director of "The Castle."  Sitch is a well known television performer in Australia.  He recently directed "The Dish" (2000) starring Sam Neill.

MICHAEL HIRSH, producer of "The Castle."  Hirsh works in collaboration with Rob Sitch and the other members of Working Dog to create film and television.

A Woman’s Tale (Australia, 1991)

PAUL COX, director, writer, and producer of "A Woman's Tale."  The Dutch born Cox lives in Australia and his other directorial credits include "Molokai: The Story of Father Damien" (1999), "The Hidden Dimension" (1997), "Lust and Revenge" (1996), and "Exile" (1994).

Children of Heaven (Iran, 1997)

GODFREY CHESHIRE, New York film critic and expert on Iranian cinema.

The Last Laugh (Germany, 1924) and Un Chien Andalou (France, 1929) 

CONCRETE ORCHESTRA providing live accompaniment to “The Last Laugh" and "Un Chien Andalou.”

EDWIN JAHIEL, Is Professor of French and Cinema Studies, UIUC, where he founded the Unit for Cinema Studies in the early 1970s and then served as Director for 25 years.  Several years ago, the French Government awarded him the title Chevalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques, with a later promotion to Officier.  Edwin Jahiel's movie reviews are at

Deja Vu (USA, 1997)

HENRY JAGLOM, director and co-writer of "Deja Vu."  Jaglom has directed numerous films that include "Last Summer in the Hamptons" (1995),"Babyfever" (1994), "Lucky Ducks" (1993), "Venice/Venice" (1992), and "Eating" (1990).

VICTORIA FOYT, star and co-writer of "Deja Vu."  Foyt also starred in and co-wrote "Last Summer in the Hamptons" (1995), "Babyfever" (1994).

Dark City (USA, 1998)

ALEX PROYAS, director of "Dark City."  Proyas also directed "The Crow"(1994).  He will participate in the festival screening of his film by telephone from Sydney, Australia.

Oklahoma! (USA, 1955)

TIM ZINNEMANN is the son of Fred Zinnemann, director of "Oklahoma."  Tim joined his father on the set of the film and was cast as an extra in the film.  He produced "As I See It" (A Tribute to Fred Zinnemann) which he will screen and discuss during the festival.

Other Special Guests in Attendance:

CARL BORACK producer of last year's Overlooked film Shiloh (1997); Shiloh 2 (1999); and The Big Fixx (1978).

RITA NACHTMANN is an Los Angeles based actress, screenwriter, and playwright.  She is the 1997 winner of the PEN WEST Award for her play "How I Spent My Life's Vacation."

LARRY MEISTRICH is founder and CEO of The Shooting Gallery, the New York based independent movie studio that has made such films as "Sling Blade," "24 Hour Woman," "The Minus Man," and "You Can Count on Me" which won the Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

For more information, see the website at or contact: Assistant Director Melissa McKillip at, (217)244-0552, Festival Manager Nickie Dalton at; (217)-333-2350; Fax: (217)-333-9882; or Festival Director Nate Kohn at or (706) 542-4972.