Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival


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Important Information:

What You Need To Know About the Festival

Sorry, We Do Not Accept Film Submissions:

All films are selected from among the films that Mr. Ebert sees in the normal course of his reviewing. There is no submission process or mechanism for us to receive or review submissions.

Ticket Information

-          Tickets are $6 for each screening.

-          A Festival pass for all 12 screenings is $40.

-          Tickets are available at the: Virginia Theatre/ 217-356-9063; Springer Cultural Center/ 217-398-2376; and Bresnan Meeting Center/ 217-398-2550.

-          Tickets can also be purchased on-line at

-          All screenings will take place at the Virginia Theatre, 203 W. Park, Champaign.


-      When making reservations at the following hotels, 
        please refer to "Roger
Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival."

-      The Holiday Inn Urbana on 1001 Killarney Street. 217-328-7900

-      The Radisson Suite Hotel Champaign on 101 Trade Centre Drive. 217-398-3400


Panel Discussions

-          All panel discussions will take place at the Illini Union, 1401 W. Green, Urbana, in the General Lounge, 2nd Floor North.


Transportation and Directions

-         From the Virginia Theatre to the Illini Union: on Park, go south (left) on State Street.  Go past University Avenue and Springfield Avenue.  Turn left on Green Street and go past First through Sixth Streets.  After Wright Street, the Union will be on the right. 

-    MTD Bus Service will allow guests with VIP passes to ride local buses for free.  MTD's Nite Rides (265-RIDE [265-7433]) will bring volunteers and film goers home after dark.  The MTD terminal will have maps to the Virginia and the receptionists there will be ready to help festival goers with questions regarding local directions and travel.


Festival Updates

-          Updated schedules and information will be posted on the Festival’s World Wide Web homepage:

-          Keep checking the Festival Web site for more information on the festival and films that will be showing.


Theatre Guidelines

-          Seating for each screening will begin approximately 30 minutes before the screening time.  Seating is only general admission.  Note that some seats may be reserved for special guests of the Festival.  Please respect the designated areas.

-          Festival pass holders may remain in the theatre between screenings in a special area, too!

-          Smoking is prohibited in the Virginia Theatre.



-          Posters, T-shirts, and coffee mugs for the second annual “Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival” will be available for purchase in the lobby at the Virginia Theatre.

-          Books by Roger Ebert will also be available for purchase in the lobby of the Virginia Theatre.