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Post-Festival Scrapbook, 2000

    Projectionist Steve Kraus technical notes

roger_podium.jpg (22763 bytes) marquee_okla_screening.jpg (41456 bytes) okla_70mm_row2.jpg (31876 bytes) jamesbond_n_platter.jpg (27950 bytes) 70mmloading.jpg (34397 bytes)
Roger at the podium on the last day crowd for Oklahoma screening 70mm Oklahoma, row 2 seat 3 James Bond loads 70mm on the platters Steve Kraus threads the big reel
marquee_lastday.jpg (49971 bytes) new_panels.jpg (41208 bytes) beforenafter.jpg (41744 bytes) wurlitzer.jpg (13679 bytes) richard_langlois_n_70mm_reel.jpg (62180 bytes)
last day marquee new paint job for Virginia restoration historically accurate restoration paint on the right tickling the keyboards between films: Warren York Richard Langlois helps with the 70mm Oklahoma! reel
David Poland's Rough Cut article series

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